“What is SealedSun.ch and who the [insert four letter word here] is SealedSun?”

The Visitor

Let’s see if I can answer those questions…SealedSun Logo (Blank, GIF)SealedSun.ch is what you are looking at right now and SealedSun‘s web[choose -site or -log]. It is supposed serve him as a publishing platform for his projects and articles.The image on the left is SealedSun.ch’s logo, a sun that is trapped in two straps. SealedSun hopes you get the idea…Who is he anyway?SealedSun is a 19 year old university* student from Switzerland with strong interest in computer science, especially compilers. He used to play table tennis but prefers jogging. Apart from programming, SealedSun also plays games like Splinter Cell, MassEffect and Battlefield 2142.This is about how personal it gets.SealedSun wants to share his work, his opinion about programming (-languages), games and the live at university through this website.*: The Federal Institute of Technology Zurich here in SwitzerlandP.S.: Please bear with me capitalizing too many words as german is my native language.