Project Announcement: TinCal

I’d like to announce a project of mine that has been in planning since the end of January 2010: „TinCal“. It’s a project I’ve been working on and off (mostly off) for the past ten months, besides school, Prexonite and another secret project. At this point TinCal can really become anything from vapor ware to my next „successful“ (i.e. finished) programming language (and maybe bachelor’s thesis). So yes, it is a programming language and thus the successor project to Prexonite, and as before, I’m aiming much higher now. TinCal is definitely going to be statically typed and compiling directly to Common Intermediate Language (.NET byte code). But I don’t plan to stop there: True to my love for functional programming in general and Haskell in particular, TinCal is going to be a language extremely similar to the most successful lazy programming language to date.

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