Prexonite Logo 256x256Prexonite is a very flexible .NET 4.0 Scripting Engine. And no, I don’t mean “C#/VB runtime compilation”-like scripting. Prexonite consists of:

  • Stack based virtual machine for…
  • a custom byte code language…
  • targeted by a compiler for…
  • a custom scripting language
  • as well an interop layer for calls into any .NET API (Runtime binding where necessary using System.Reflection)

Does the world really need another programming language/virtual machine? Definitely not as there are already tons of great languages and platforms out there (Ruby, .NET). Despite the fact that Prexonite is “just” my hobby, it might be interesting if you are planning to

  • …write your own compiler
  • …write a stack based virtual machine

Besides the fact that Prexonite is released under the GPL, it features a very liberal API, and by “liberal” I mean that you can manipulate nearly every aspect of the Scripting Engine. Want to jump to a random instruction in your byte code? No problem!Integrated into the *.dll is a compiler for a high-level scripting language called Prexonite Script.

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